Spread The Cost

If you’re looking to spread the cost of your replacement IT equipment, we offer the option of leasing. You can lease over 36 months and pay monthly. If, for example, you wanted 50 machines that were £175 each your monthly lease would be approximately £300 on a 3 year lease.

No. Of PCsPrice per unitTotal cost (ex VAT)Cost if paid (over 3 years, ex VAT) - Monthly (24.89% interest)Cost if paid (over 3 years, ex VAT) - Annually (13.35% interest)
50£175£8,750at £303.54 = £10,927.44at £3,306.01 = £9,918.03
100£225£22,500at £780.53 = £28,099.08at £8,501.18 = £25,503.54

We can cater the leasing options to your needs, the money can be paid weekly, monthly, quarterly, termly or annually, it's completely up to you.

We Will Pay Up To £300 for Your Old Interactive Whiteboards

Buy Back Schemes

As part of our service we can offer you money for your old IT equipment*.

For example: Southlands School had 150 computers that they needed to replace. We offered them £7.50 per unit, meaning they received £1,125. With budgets being tight this extra money helped them in purchasing their new refurbished IT equipment from us.

£7.50 x 150 units = £1,125

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