Refurbished Laptops

Here at Rapid IT we have laptops to suit your needs with the same high quality as buying new but with a significantly lower cost. You are more than welcome to a demo machine before you buy, so you can see for yourself how good our refurbished laptops are, just fill in our demo request form here.
Our Process

air bench1

Clean The Laptop

The laptop is cleaned in our dust extraction machine to remove any unwanted particles of dirt.
remove hd2

Remove Hard Drive

The old HD is removed and sent to our sister company LCWS for destruction and recycling.
input ssd3

Input SSD

Every laptop comes with a brand new SSD as standard to ensure it feels like new.
burning software4

Test Software

We use burning test software and EPS to check the internal components are working.
install os5

Install Software

We install the OS software dependent on customer specification.
test external components6

Test Components

The internal components such as the USB & disc drives are all tested for problems.
scanning pc7

Serial No Recorded

The laptops serial number is recorded for warranty purposes & to keep a record of it.
order prep8

Prepped For Order

All laptops are palettised ready to send out for an order. They are all the same make and model.

Maximise Your Budgets

Daisyfield School had a requirement to purchase 30 new laptops on a very limited budget of 10k. Rapid IT suggested a solution that allowed the school to purchase 30 high spec major brand remanufactured laptops as well as extending the life of the 60 aging laptops by installing them with new solid state hard drives and brand new high capacity batteries. This was all achieved within budget.

If the school chose to purchase 90 new laptops of a similar spec, it would have cost the school in excess of £60,000.

Affordable Prices

Check out our wide range of laptops in our shop.

Warranties & New Solid State Drives

All of our equipment comes with a warranty to guarantee reliability. PCs come with 2 years warranty and laptops come with 12 months warranty as standard which can be extended.

Every PC and laptop is fitted with a brand new solid state drive enabling maximum performance. Laptops are also fitted with a new battery.

What is a solid state drive?

A solid state drive does everything a hard drive does, but is...

✔ 10x Faster - Boots up and transfers files quickly

✔ Has A Longer Lifetime - Consumes less power

✔ Higher In Reliability - No moving parts

Looking for Laptop Storage?

Check out our wide range of charging cabinets.
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